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Essential Elements of Social Media Marketing

Businesses worldwide have shifted focus to reaching out to customers via social media platforms rather than through websites. Are you equipped with the necessary strategies?

1. Create an interactive community for your audience

Although “followers” and other number metrics are important, they do not determine social media success. Pump your social media content with emotions and humor so that your audience feel connected, engaged and related to your brand. By using interactive features such as creating a poll and asking thought-provoking questions, you can create long term relationships with your audience.

2. Focus on the Network that Matters

Instead of trying to reach out to everybody everywhere, focus your efforts on platforms that hold the key to your target audience and objectives. Each social media platform has its own strengths, so pick and choose what works for your brand.

  • Facebook

With an audience of 1.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook reaches out to a broad range of customers. Facebook’s News Feed feature is a very visible place for social posts, which provides a good platform for increasing brand awareness and driving web traffic. This strategy is even more effective when you take advantage of Facebook’s targeting capabilities to tailor your content to specific users, which is not present in other social medias.

  • LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great network for B2B social media marketers. With a large network of over 332 million users, LinkedIn lets you build relationships with future customers on a more professional basis, unlike sites like Facebook which is more casual.

  • Twitter

Where Facebook has the volume of users, Twitter has the volume of messages, with over 500 million Tweets sent per day and 328 million user per month. This is a great chance for you to start a conversation or join an existing thread to mention your company. With short 140 characters Tweets, Twitter can also help keep your content short and succinct.

  • Instagram

A photo centric sharing network, Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users and 70.7% of US brands use Instagram as a marketing platform. With the help of influencers and celebrities, your brand’s message can be carried forth even stronger, as compared to other social media sites that offer other features.

3. Analyze Past Content to Improve

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”. By using analytical data, social media marketers can increase the effectiveness of your content curation by publishing content that has a greater chance of success on specific networks. After analyzing what works and what doesn’t, you can then plan for future posts to better create social media for your targeted audience.

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